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Short but good, thank you dev for making it

This was a good short game, perfect for a 3 horror game video! Good job on this game!

Thanks for playing!!

this was amazing yourreally good at making these games in my opinion i followed u to keep on track with these, keep up the good work!

Thanks for playing!! and merci for the follow!

This was quite cool, a bit long winded with the maze part but despite that, I enjoyed it. I made a video of it, please check it out 😃

3 Scary Games - Christmas Special

played it as part of 3 scary Christmas games! Was a lot of fun! 


This was so good, we made a song for your game. Fantastic work! The pacing was perfect and build to the reveal at the end was satisfying. Keep on creating. Looking forward to what you do next!
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Really nice and short scary game! It has a great atmosphere! I hope you keep on making great games! Here's my playthrough, it's in spanish, but translated it in the video!

A really fun Christmas horror game, I truly enjoyed it!  I just posted my LP to my YouTube channel, feel free to stop by anytime and check it out.

Great Game!

Merry Christmas everybody!

A fun horror game . It had me on the edge the entire time. I really thought something was going to chase me. its third and starts at 20:35  Happy Holidays!

The Atmosphere is scarier than I thought!

holiday classic 

Super creepy atmosphere, the end really kept me on my toes ! 


Thank for this game !

Just uploaded this as a 3 scary games. I liked this one a lot. Didn't really know what happened until that room...Good gam. Def check it out

3rd game in video

great game!! there were a ton of scary sounds that definitely sent shivers down my spine lol. happy holidays everyone :)) 

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Really enjoyed this game keep up the great


Fun game! Creepy and kept me on edge. Good job!

Had fun with this one!

W INDIE GAME!!!!!!!!

This game comes first in my video, starting at 0:52!

I thought it was a very nice little game!

Strange game but fun to play.

Very fun!

It says to have for linux but it doesn't have any linux executables

It was pretty creepy!

See this, this is exactly why I am Jewish. I mean, I am ethnically Jewish. But you get the Idea. Haha


very interesting and fun game. somewhat confusing to me but I absolutely loved it! keep posting these horror christmas bangers ❤️

Absolutely fun game to play for how short it is. Full of mystery and exploration and overall quite good.

This was a nice short horror game. Definitely felt the uneasiness while playing. Good Game! Game starts at 00:00 

short but fun and scary

Creepy game, enjoyed it!!

Jeu sympa :]

J aime les graphismes retro pixel !

This mfer Santa didn't give me a Nintendo Switch now I'm goin after him >:(

(Gameplay at 5:04)

Christmas like I've never seen it before :D Played here.


love your game wow thank you so much so much fun :):):):):):):):



love your game good job :):):)

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Interesting game..

(2nd game I play)

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